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From "Stephen Graham/Raleigh/IBM" <>
Subject Re: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 14:01:49 GMT
With a group the size we are expecting (based on the number of +1 responses
to the original F2F note), it might be difficult to accomplish all the
tasks you suggest.

It is achievable to agree on requirements.  One thing I am struggling with
is the overall scope of the V3.0 engine work.  Is this a complete rewrite
(if so why?).  Is this an evolution of the current Apache SOAP code base,
if so, how do we decide on the functionality that will be addressed and
not?  Do we agree that the F2F is to focus on the Engine part of the
project, or to define the overall effort for v3.0?

After we agree on these terms of reference for the project (Apache Web
Services Project, or whatever we are calling it), and the Engine component
in particular,  then I think we can do the
class/responsibilities/collaborators design work + UML + Use Cases.  I
would be surprised (but delighted) that we get to this detailed work at
this meeting.

Given limited face-face time, we should focus on agreeing on scope and
dividing task.  We can do the design through e-mail communication.


Steve Graham
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"Glen Daniels" <> on 11/09/2000 08:28:45 AM

Please respond to

To:   <>
Subject:  Re: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?

One way or another, let's plan on Wednesday evening  and, I would guess,
Thursday morning as well.  So +1 there.

Also a definite +1 re: being inclusive.  The  more good ideas we have, the

As Jean-Noel suggests, we should be as prepared as  possible beforehand,
and should decide what we'd like to come out of this  meeting having
accomplished.   I would like to suggest the following -  the goal for the
F2F meeting is to frame a requirements and design document,  including
use-cases and some UML describing the system.  Put more  generally, I would
like the group to come to consensus about the set of  classes/components
that are involved in the engine, and their names and  responsibilities.
Once the document is outlined and we have broad  agreement, we can split it
up into pieces and have volunteers actually write the  thing.  I think it
is highly important to get this done and circulated  before our codebase
begins to gel.  Once we've got that, we can decide how  to split up the
work and move forward with building the engine.  Thoughts  on this?

I'll try to produce a better version of my  architecture doc in the next
week or two to use as input along with the material  from Yuhichi, Ryo,
Steve, James, and others.

Re: facilities, I'll keep you all posted on  whatever develops, but I'm
positive we'll be able to manage  something.

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From:  Jean-Noel Gadreau
To: ''
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 12:28  PM
Subject: RE: Potential F2F design session  for 3.0?

+1 on wednesday (probably late afternoon + evening and if  needed thursday

How about preparing the meetings with a set of documents that  people could
read in the plane to make sure everybody is up-to-date when we  start the
meeting. I am thinking to Glen's document, but also to Yuhichi's  codebase
proposal (still did not have a chance to look at it).

If you want, I can put that on my web site with the IRC logs  as a central
place, until we get the new CVS module, ...


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