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From "Matthew Duftler/Watson/IBM" <>
Subject RE: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 16:25:04 GMT

I think posting summaries is a good idea. It would also be helpful to keep
these various summaries, notes, architecture docs, etc... in the cvs
module. This way, anyone who checks out the code gets the latest
incarnation of these things. We can then make these items available through
the site also. I would suggest this for the xml-soap module, and the
yet-to-be-named v3.0/XP/... module.

With respect to the yet-to-be-named-module, may I suggest "Dubyah"? Heh,


Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS on 11/06/2000 10:37:34 AM

Please respond to

Subject:  RE: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?

I can't make it to the F2F as I have a prior committment for those dates.

Should this meeting take place, can I ask that somebody be so kind as to
post a summary of what was discussed here?  In fact, I would like to make
this a general request concerning any offline discussions relating to this
project that may happen from time to time...

Remember, any committer can express a -1 at any time.  It is therefore a
good idea to keep all of them informed at all times.  ;-)

- Sam Ruby

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