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From Matthew Geis <>
Subject SMTP, JavaMail, etc. (repost)
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 18:42:18 GMT
I'm new to the list, and wanted to throw a question out there... (I'm
resending this -- I sent it earlier today, but I had some problems with my
subscription to the list).

1.  Has anyone stepped up to tackle the JavaMail integration for the
SMTPHTTP bridge (it's there on the TODO list)?  If not, I'm
volunteering.  If anyone else has made or is making efforts in this
direction, please let me know.

2.  Something else I noticed was that in the SMTPQuote example, the
client grabs the *first* new email it sees in the folder it's
monitoring.  The problem with this is twofold.
    a.  It may end up grabbing a request, instead of a response.
    b.  It may grab a response for a different request.

I'm proposing to fix this so that a SOAP request over SMTP carries a
unique identifier (I was going to put it in the subject -- any
objections?).  The SMTP bridge would take the request, and return a
reply with that same unique id.  That way, the client can poll the
server for new emails, but only retrieve the response which matches the
original request.


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