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From Vahe Amirbekyan <>
Subject Re: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 18:44:53 GMT

Here are the people declaring their intention to participate the F2F
meeting (based on RSVP voting) on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday
morning (December 6-7th):

1.	Diane L. Davison
2.	Doug Davis
3.	Glen Daniels
4.	James Snell
5.	Jean-Noel Gadreau
6.	Kevin Mitchell
7.	Matthew Duftler
8.	Ryo Neyama
9.	Sanjiva Weerawarana
10.	Stephen Graham
11.	Vahe Amirbekyan
12.	Vivek Chopra
13.	Yuhichi Nakamura

Sorry, if I have omitted someone. 


Glen Daniels wrote:
> > > With a group the size we are expecting (based on the number of +1
> responses
> > > to the original F2F note), it might be difficult to accomplish all the
> > > tasks you suggest.
> >
> > I'm also concerned about the size of the group. It seems to me an
> > unplanned discussion with a group of > 10 will be tough .. Glen, you
> > probably should do an "agenda" type thing and organize this a bit! :-)
> It's a bit tough to do this before knowing exactly how much time + space
> we're going to have.  I should hopefully hear back from the convention
> organizers soon about the room situation.
> See below for more comments re: agenda.
> > I think the scope is still replacing the current engine. Does anyone
> > disagree?
> Nope, sounds right to me.  With the caveat that we will, of course, refactor
> all the useful code we can from the current version into the new one.
> > I think we need to somehow work on the design during this F2F. We have
> > several alternate proposals and its hard to unify these via email.
> I agree.
> My gut feeling on this is that many of us will actually have a huge amount
> of overlap in our requirements lists, and that doing that part will be
> pretty quick.  Once we've written down what we consider to be the important
> parts of the system (including some use-cases), we can dive into going over
> the proposals that have been floated and making some decisions as a group
> about structure, responsibilities, and naming of components.  I'm hopeful we
> can get to the point where we have one or two sets of straw-man UML diagrams
> by the end of the meeting, and then be able to continue from that point via
> email.
> I'll try to work up an agenda as soon as I hear from the XML2K people.
> --Glen

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