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From Vahe Amirbekyan <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: Dug Davis for committer
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 20:16:43 GMT

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> I'd like to propose that Dug be made a committer to get the provider
> type generalization done. Vahe, was the code you posted (which never
> got committed) also doing the same thing? If so we need to unify
> the two approaches. My recollection is that it was a pretty nifty
> way of doing EJB integration. If you'd like to work on merging the
> two things and getting it all in I'll be happy to nominate you for
> committer status too.

Thank you for your proposition, we would be happy to join the team and
contribute to the development of the tool. 

As to our approach to EJB integration with the Apache-SOAP (Locator/URN
Generator framework) - we discussed it broadly with Dug in our private
correspondence for quite a long time and initially considered
possibilities of cooperation in developing the unified infrastructure. I
suppose Dug could take the leadership and we from our side will provide
our design, code (which has been already validated in real-life
applications) and any other assistance. 

Also, I would like to mention other extensions we've incorporated into
Apache SOAP - namely XSLT transformers. As there's something similar now
being proposed by Ryo Neyama (hooks) - I think here our methods can be
also used now to come up with optimal unified approach. I'll discuss it
in the related thread.

With the best regards, Vahe

> Other comitters please ack/nack.
> +1
> Sanjiva.

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