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From Jean-Noel Gadreau <>
Subject Re: Object Lifetime Options
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 08:10:59 GMT
Seems like a good thing. As far as 3.0 goes, I think we should have
flexible ways for the target objects (such as a pool of identical
objects, non synchronized object, ...).

My $0.02

Jean-Noel Gadreau

Bill Wishon wrote:
> Are there any plans to add more object lifetime options to soap services?
> Right now there are the Application, Session, Request and Page choices for
> the lifetime of the service object(s).  For an application I am writing I
> would like an ID/timeout based lifetime model which would work something
> like this:
> Each request would have an object ID in it somewhere, either as the first
> parameter or perhaps in the headers.  Every time a request is received with
> a null object ID a new object is created, assigned an ID and inserted into a
> hash that lives as part of the servlet context.  If a request with an ID is
> received then that ID is used to lookup an object in the hash table of
> objects.  If that object is not found then it is an error.  Every n seconds
> we scan through the hash table pulling out objects that have expired, where
> the time till an object expires is configurable.
> By using a lifetime model like this it is possible for me to write client
> side code that doesn't know about or can't deal with sessions and yet can
> maintain and manipulate many different server-side objects.  Another big
> reason for me wanting to do something like this is so that I don't have to
> send the object in question back and forth, encoding and decoding it at each
> end, because the object is quite large and it would be to slow.
> Does this sound reasonable to anyone or am I alone in wanting this kind of
> functionality?  If there are others interested I would be willing to
> contribute my modifications back to the codebase.
> Any thoughts?
> -Bill

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