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From Kevin Mitchell <>
Subject RE: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:39:37 GMT
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From: Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM
Sent: 11/10/2000 12:15 PM
Subject: RE: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?

Steve Graham wrote:
> this effort is evolving beyond SOAP/XP to a broader Web Services
> architecture. Of course, SOAP/XP will be at the heart of it.

We need to be careful here.  The scope of the current project is defined
the XML PMC.  I have no problem going back there and describing how the
changed the name and how we all agreed that this was to track to the
standard, but I am reticent to go back and lobby for expanding the scope
until I can demonstrate that there actually is an active community here
terms of the number and diversity of the participants and the quantity
frequency of commits.

Within IBM, we/I have a second problem - increasing the scope will
approval within IBM (by the OSSC) for IBMers to participate.  This
not be a problem.  Just a todo.

- Sam Ruby

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