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From Ryo Neyama <>
Subject Transport hook extension
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 13:03:25 GMT
Any comment or objection to this proposal?

I'm going to commit the extension to the CVS repository on the next
Monday in Japan time (+9 ahead to GMT).  I hope to have any comment
within this weekend.

    Ryo Neyama @ IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
    Internet Technology

> Subject: Proposal: add hooks in the Apache SOAP 2.0
> From: Ryo Neyama <>
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> Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 17:37:55 +0900
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> Hi,
> I propose some modifications to Apache SOAP to increase extensibility
> and flexibility.  We needed such extension in order to sign request
> and response envelopes using header entries, i.e. "Signature" tag is
> added to embed signature information in the header part.  However,
> the current Apache SOAP does not provide developers with any elegant
> way to process envelopes.  Our approach is to hook envelopes immediate
> before the transport at client side, and immediate after the transport
> at server side.  With this extension, you can set envelope processing
> components such as the signer component to SOAP engine, minimizing
> the impact on Apache SOAP in the sense that existing applications
> should work.
> ------
> Proposal: add hooks in the Apache SOAP 2.0:
> The Fig.1 illustrates the current message flow between SOAP client
> and server in the Apache SOAP 2.0 and the Fig.2 shows our proposal.
> Vertical lines are timelines of functions and horizontal lines are
> message flows between functions.
> The proposed change in the Fig.2 is to add XML-in/XML-out hooks
> (EnvelopeEditors in the chart below) between a network transport and
> SOAP message handlers where a string format of XML message flows.  The
> advantage of this hook is flexibility that a programmer can add any
> functions that modify raw SOAP messages in any sense, such as sign a
> message, transcode a format with XSLT processor, and so on.  One of
> the disadvantage of this approach is performance because there is a
> possibility of calling a XML parser multiple times in each added
> function.  At this time, we would like to take the flexibility.
> There is another change proposed in the Fig.2  The current SOAP 2.0
> implementation invokes a hard-coded XML parser.  We would like to
> propose to make is replaceable with any other XML parsers.  This gives
> programmers a freedom of parser choice.  Another advantage is that
> this may be able to improve perfomance by eliminating multiple parser
> calls because this is regarded as another kind of XML-in/DOM-out hook
> and extension can be implemented as a part of parser (liaison)
> functions.
> Manifest of ZIP file:
>       xml-soap/fig1.gif  ---> Fig.1
>       xml-soap/fig2.gif  ---> Fig.2
> (mod) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/server/http/
> (mod) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/server/http/
> (mod) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/server/http/
> (mod) xml-soap/java/samples/messaging/
> (add) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/transport/
> (add) xml-soap/java/samples/messaging/
> (add) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/transport/
> (add) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/transport/
> (add) xml-soap/java/src/org/apache/soap/transport/
> Note that (mod) and (add) means the source code was modified or added
> respectevely.
> For more detail, please take a look at comments in the modified or
> added source codes.
> I hope any comments or questions for this proposal.

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