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From Ryo Neyama <>
Subject RE: Commit of the fixes and extensions (WAS Re: Request for two n ew locus IDs)
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 05:48:30 GMT

From: "Nelson, Christopher" <>
Subject: RE: Commit of the fixes and extensions (WAS Re: Request for two n	ew locus IDs)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 09:57:51 -0500

> Can you send the attachments again?  I would like to see the code.

I'll send you the attachments as a private mail later.

> It
> sounds like your needs would be having a preprocessing handler.  Is this
> true?

Yes. That's right.

> There are many proposals floating around to do this, and we should
> probably try to merge these and get something in the code ASAP.  I think it
> would be a very good idea to have it driven by the Deployment Descriptor.
> I've looked at this code and it shouldn't be too bad to do this, I think.

Yes. I agree with you.  In my understanding the work is driven in the
context of Apache SOAP V3, right?  My needs is to insert preprocessors
of SOAP headers in V2, too.  Although the transport hook extension
seems to be a "rushed" job, I think it is reasonable in the sense of
compatibility (there is no need to change applications for conformity
to the extension) and flexibility (Developers can insert any hook in
hook, for example XSLT stylesheet, SAX event handler, Base-64
encoder/decoder, and so on).

> Are you able to attend the IRC chat today?  We could hash things out
> there...

I'm sorry I couldn't attend the chat.  I haven't read your e-mail

    Ryo Neyama @ IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
    Internet Technology

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