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From "David Boreham" <>
Subject Re: Problem with base64 encoded parameter value?
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 15:52:56 GMT

  I think base64 encoded data gets deserialized to a byte array, not a string. If your implementation
class method expects a type of string, but is supplied a byte[], the call will not work. You
could try just overloading the implementation class method to accept a byte[] in place of
the string...

Ah Ha ! 
That worked (once I'd discovered the difference between "Byte" and "byte").

Before I proceed, perhaps I should ask what is the "correct" way to 
send a string parameter (potentially containing markup and whitespace
which must be passed clean) from SOAP::Lite to Apache SOAP ?
The strings may be quite long, perhaps a few 10's of Kbytes.

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