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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 03:05:57 GMT
> > With a group the size we are expecting (based on the number of +1
> > to the original F2F note), it might be difficult to accomplish all the
> > tasks you suggest.
> I'm also concerned about the size of the group. It seems to me an
> unplanned discussion with a group of > 10 will be tough .. Glen, you
> probably should do an "agenda" type thing and organize this a bit! :-)

It's a bit tough to do this before knowing exactly how much time + space
we're going to have.  I should hopefully hear back from the convention
organizers soon about the room situation.

See below for more comments re: agenda.

> I think the scope is still replacing the current engine. Does anyone
> disagree?

Nope, sounds right to me.  With the caveat that we will, of course, refactor
all the useful code we can from the current version into the new one.

> I think we need to somehow work on the design during this F2F. We have
> several alternate proposals and its hard to unify these via email.

I agree.

My gut feeling on this is that many of us will actually have a huge amount
of overlap in our requirements lists, and that doing that part will be
pretty quick.  Once we've written down what we consider to be the important
parts of the system (including some use-cases), we can dive into going over
the proposals that have been floated and making some decisions as a group
about structure, responsibilities, and naming of components.  I'm hopeful we
can get to the point where we have one or two sets of straw-man UML diagrams
by the end of the meeting, and then be able to continue from that point via

I'll try to work up an agenda as soon as I hear from the XML2K people.


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