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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: Potential F2F design session for 3.0?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 16:09:40 GMT
> With a group the size we are expecting (based on the number of +1 responses
> to the original F2F note), it might be difficult to accomplish all the
> tasks you suggest.

I'm also concerned about the size of the group. It seems to me an
unplanned discussion with a group of > 10 will be tough .. Glen, you
probably should do an "agenda" type thing and organize this a bit! :-)

> It is achievable to agree on requirements.  One thing I am struggling with
> is the overall scope of the V3.0 engine work.  Is this a complete rewrite
> (if so why?).  Is this an evolution of the current Apache SOAP code base,
> if so, how do we decide on the functionality that will be addressed and
> not?  Do we agree that the F2F is to focus on the Engine part of the
> project, or to define the overall effort for v3.0?

What we've been calling "3.0" is basically a new implementation of 
the SOAP protocol in a more flexibile / pluggable way than the current
code. Clearly we need to write it in a way that we can track the W3C 
XML Protocol work too.

The discussion about project scope was just about how to name this new
effort. The comment I made was that eventually we need to expand the 
scope of this work to cover a set of things, where the protocol engine
is just one piece. The current plan is to only do the protocol engine,
but it'll be convenient and forward-thinking (IMO) to set up the 
project Web page etc. to leave the door open for the other parts to 

> Given limited face-face time, we should focus on agreeing on scope and
> dividing task.  We can do the design through e-mail communication.

I think the scope is still replacing the current engine. Does anyone

I think we need to somehow work on the design during this F2F. We have
several alternate proposals and its hard to unify these via email.


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