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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: V3.0 CVS repository
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 08:02:08 GMT
> Assuming that there is general agreement, it is appropriate and possible.

Do we create a new module (ala xml-soap) or a subdir under the current
xml-soap? I think the latter would be better, but can understand people's
preference for the prior.

This raises another issue with the 3.0 code- with the W3C XML Protocol
activity up and running, we need to gear up to supporting that. [I'm
of the pre-conceived idea that this group would track that work and 
provide compatible implementations .. is that what others believe too?]
As such, we may want to organize the code around in such a way that 
both SOAP and XML Protocol can be built on the codebase. What do the
3.0 leads think?

> I've heard complaints about proposed patches to Soap 2.0 languishing.
> Would it be possible for either the current set of committers to put more
> focus on reviewing these?  Alternately, the set of committers should be
> expanded to allow the current Soap to remain viable until it can be
> replaced.

I'm guilty of this as any. My apologies to those who have taken the 
trouble to send in patches ..

I'd like to take the approach of expanding the set of committers. Par of
the problem I think is that most of the current committers are focused on
the 3.0 codebase .. given the current codebase has to live until the next
version gets reasonably complete and stable, we need to continue committing
bug fixes and improvements. Do the other committers agree with this?


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