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Subject Re: C++ Implementation
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 18:02:02 GMT

Actually, my partner has just about finished a hot-pluggable loading system
(think of it as a very very stripped down version of COM without a lot of the
baggage that has no prerequisites and compiles everywhere (well, everywhere that
has dlopen(), etc, which is pretty much everywhere in UNIXland)) that with a
very little tweaking could make a nice lightweight C++ servlet engine.  We'd be
happy to do some tweaking and submit it for SOAP use if it would be useful...
Unless someone else already has one?  The only real additions needed would be
the configurable assignment of DLLs to URLs, but that's not that big of a deal.
You'd then just right your servlet (or more likely an IDL-to-C++ script would)
with a couple of well-known methods containing pointers to the specific methods
implemented, compile it as a DLL, and put it into a given directory (or one of
many, classpath style).  Interested?

-Richard on 07/31/2000 02:03:27 PM

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Subject:  Re: C++ Implementation

Ricard Stanford wrote:
> If there's not much interest in a standalone SOAP-handler, I'll probably
> end up going with Apache, but in a lot of ways it seems to be overkill.
> Especially for adding SOAP support to preexisting server applications,
> that's the main reason I haven't done much with the Java version to date.
> I really want to avoid rolling my own stuff for this, however.  Thoughts?

If someone donates code that runs standalone, then I'll wager that shortly
somebody else will donate code that hooks this to Apache, and somebody
(else?) will donate code that integrates it with IIS...

At least that's how it went with Tomcat (which originally was a standalone
Java servlet engine).

All we need is somebody to plant the seed.

- Sam Ruby

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