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From Kurt T Stam <>
Subject scout release 1.0.rc2
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2008 02:38:37 GMT
I'm proud to announce that with a vote of 3-0 Scout version 1.0rc2 has 
been released!

Here is what changed:


 * [SCOUT-47] - tmodel_instance_info row not created
 * [SCOUT-48] - ServiceBinding objects do not have their 
SpecificationLink objects saved in UDDI
 * [SCOUT-49] - Scout doesn't use specification links in queries
 * [SCOUT-50] - Classifications array should be of size 0 if none are found
 * [SCOUT-53] - Code to create associations is missing.
 * [SCOUT-54] - When querying for organizations (JAXR), the email, phone 
number, and postal address collections of the primary contact are empty 
although there is data in them
 * [SCOUT-56] - Service descriptions and corresponding service bindings 
are not returned when querying by service
 * [SCOUT-63] - Set TModelInstanceDetails in 
getBindingTemplateFromJAXRSB even if slcol is null or empty

New Feature

 * [SCOUT-51] - Test scout against other UDDIs (besides just jUDDI)


 * [SCOUT-52] - Refactor the unittests to make it easier to write and 
maintain them

Thank you Tom and Jeff for all the hard work! Thank you community for 
providing excellent feedback and patches.



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