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From "Patrick Leamon" <>
Subject Bug in 1.0-rc1
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:27:57 GMT
Just got a hold of the new release and was hoping it would fix some
issues for me.  Some things have been resolved (thanks!), but there is
one outstanding problem.  Basically it doesn't look like ServiceBinding
objects are having their SpecificationLink objects saved in UDDI.  I've
had a look in the source and narrowed it down to: line 192
if (slcol != null && slcol.isEmpty() != false) {
This is saying that if the specification link collection is not null and
empty then try to iterate through it.  Obviously this is incorrect.  It
should be:
if (slcol != null && slcol.isEmpty() != true) {
- or -
if ((slcol != null) && !slcol.isEmpty()) {
If it is not null and not empty then iterate through it.
Not sure if this is all it needs to work or if there are problems
further down the line.  I tried to raise a bug in JIRA but it gave me
errors when I tried to create an issue (for any project it seems).
  Patrick Leamon

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