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From Anil Saldhana <>
Subject Re: Scout Release Plans
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 19:48:50 GMT
Yes, Lin.  Those fixes were pretty minor. It is good to have them merged before we release

Lin Sun <> wrote: Hi Kurt,

I looked at them, I think most of them sounds minor fixes, and should 
not impact us.    However, I haven't been able to figure out how to tell 
which revision is associated with JIRA yet.   I'd like to do that if 
there is an easy way to.

I think [SCOUT-15] is fixed in trunk.


Kurt T Stam wrote:
> Hi Lin,
> If you have time maybe you can take a look at
> --Kurt
> Lin Sun wrote:
>> Hi Kurt,
>> That sounds great for me.   1.0rc1 is good and we can test it in our
>> env.   Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.
>> Thanks.
>> Lin
>> Kurt T Stam wrote:
>>> Hi Lin,
>>> I'm also interested in a build for Scout in roughly the same time-frame.
>>> We currently have three issues in jira:
>>> SCOUT-38  Produce
>>> website from the maven2 build
>>> Not related to the code, but I'm working on it and it's almost done
>>> anyway
>>> SCOUT-14  Binaries from
>>> download are empty 
>>> Not related to the code, This should be fixed when SCOUT-38 is done.
>>> SCOUT-12  Implement the
>>> Asynchronous Registry Request Feature
>>> Seems like no one is jumping to get this implemented.
>>> So I would be actually be fine with a 1.0 build now :). Should we vote
>>> on doing a 1.0rc1?
>>> Input still welcome:).
>>> Cheers,
>>> --Kurt
>>> p.s. As a side note, maybe we can follow it up by a 1.1 version in the
>>> August time frame that supports JAXB on top the XMLBean UDDIv2 binding.
>>> I'm currently working on that in my workspace to see what it takes and
>>> it takes a bit of moving code around between classes to make that work.
>>> (I'm also doing this work so we can add a UDDI v3 binding).
>>> Lin Sun wrote:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> I wanted to let y'all know that Apache Geronimo is working towards our
>>>> 2.0 release and the projects goals for 2.0 are to ship scout as the
>>>> JAXR 1.0 implementation.  So far we are doing well with JAXR tck in
>>>> geronimo by using the latest scout snapshot and would very much like
>>>> to include scout in our 2.0 release.
>>>> To plan better I'd like to know what the next version of Scout (1.0?)
>>>> release plans are.  we'd like to get Apache Geronimo 2.0 out around
>>>> the end of July.
>>>> Input welcome :)
>>>> Lin
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