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From Markus Reis <>
Subject JAXR<->UDDI incompliances
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 17:27:13 GMT

I wondered whether there are any incompliances between the Scout API 
(being an implementation of JAXR) and the jUDDI API (being an 
implementation of the UDDI2.0 specification) - Does anybody have a list 
that summarizes incompliances (where methods cannot be mapped for 100%)?

I came to this when we tried to get all Organizations for a certain user 
(namely the one currently logged in) by using the method 
getRegistryObjects(String objectType) of interface 
javax.xml.registry.BusinessQueryManager (the JAXR apidoc says, that this 
method 'Gets the RegistryObjects owned by the caller, that are of the 
specified type. The objects are returned as their concrete type (e.g. 
Organization, User etc.).').

The "problem" was that all organizations were returned (not only those 
that were created by the user that fired the query) - according to the 
apidocs we expected to get only those according to the user credentials 
that were passed to the Connection the BusinessQueryManager was obtained 

When I then had a look a the UDDI specification I couldn't find any 
methods that would have allowed one to get only those 
businesses/organizations that were created by a certain user - If this 
is correct (and I haven't overseen those inquiry methods - please tell 
me if I did), I wonder how it would be possible to implement this method 
if the underlying repository was a UDDI based one.

I therefore conclude that we misused this method, because we were not 
aware that our underlying repository simply didn't support this method - 
Please correct me if I am mistaken or tell me whether this is correct.

Any help and feedback would be highly appreciated,
kind regards,

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