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From Kurt T Stam <>
Subject FYI Patches
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 04:52:24 GMT
I just checked in some patches into the trunk for SCOUT 18, 20, 21, 22,
25 and 26. I also updated the build a bit so it generates the uddi_v2
classes in a package.

I introduced one issue with this; xmlbeans starts compiling the java
code and it goes off and tries to compile the entire
package, which fails since it does not have the right classpath. However
if you then run 'maven jar' from within the modules/scout directory it
all works. It seems to me like a silly Maven problem, does anyone have
any experience with this on how to fix the classpath?

The tests now run in 'embedded' mode by default, as configured in the class:

//LOCAL Transport
 final String INQUERY_URI = "org.apache.juddi.registry.local.InquiryService#inquire";
 final String PUBLISH_URI ="org.apache.juddi.registry.local.PublishService#publish";
 final String TRANSPORT_CLASS  = "";

The only requirement is a mysql juddi database. The database is
configured in modules/scout/conf/ It would be nice to
switch this to use an embedded database. What would be a good candidate
embedded database for this (Derby?)



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