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From Alistair Bush <>
Subject Re: Status of Scout
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2006 20:58:03 GMT
Would it also be possible for you to create a tag for your cvs/svn repo with a 
label of 0.7-rc2?

This is very important for packaging on gentoo as it is a source based distro.  
In fact the whole of gentoo is based around users being able to customise 
compile options.

I understand if you are not prepared to package the source yet (hopefully I 
will be able to convince you of the benefits by 1.0) but having the tag 
within your repo would allow me to export this specific version now and at 
any point in the future.

These are some links that the gentoo java community has produce, it contains 
some reasons why we build java from source and more importantly tips on how 
to be a good upstream.

I would also like to point out that gentoo has a policy of sending any patches 
upstream for your consideration.   Hopefully over the coming months Gentoo 
can get packages such as scout into the official tree.

Alistair Bush 

On Monday 02 October 2006 03:15, Anil Saldhana wrote:
> Close to releasing v0.7rc2 (need one vote from committee).  I know about
> the issues with the released version v0.7rc1.
> In the interim, you can pick up the jar (which is what will be released
> soon) from
> For the v0.7rc1 (which apparently needs fix on the apache download site),
> (Note: I am not advertising the jboss repos. You should be downloading from
> the apache download sites in theory)
> Alistair Bush <> wrote: Hi I would just like to know
> about the status of scout.
> Presently I am attempting to help the Gentoo Linux Java Project by
> packaging JBoss.   Scout (as I believe you will know is a dep of Jboss)
> At present the jar contained within only contains a
> META-INF directory (so is basically empty)
> Also the source zip (which is what I require for gentoo) only contains the
> samples.  Is this correct?
> I notice that the there is a tag for before_juddi_decoupling.  does this
> mean that juddi now contains the scout functionality or was scout split
> from juddi?
> Thanks for you help
> Alistair
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