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From Anil Saldhana <>
Subject Asynchronous Connections feature to be deferred
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 16:13:45 GMT
  the JAXR 1.0 Specification in Section 7.5 has the following to say about "Asynchronous Connections".

"If the communication preference is asynchronous, each request method call returns a non-null
JAXRResponse (or a sub-interface) immediately. The JAXR provider may spawn a separate thread
to process the client request asynchronously."

What this means for Scout is that we will have to retrofit all the request methods for asynchronous
processing, an exercize I am reluctant to perform at this moment.

This feature is the only one that is missing from Scout to claim full JAXR 1.0 compliance
for Level 0 Capability. We already have J2EE 1.4 Compliance for JAXR.

Unless there is someone who embeds Scout other than in an J2EE Application Server (where this
async feature is not mandated) and wants this feature, I am going to defer this "Async Connections"
indefinitely (


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