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From Anil Saldhana <>
Subject Re: Scout v1.0 Changes
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:56:25 GMT
 Hi Fernando,
   if you look at the url I have posted, you can see reference to XMLBeans classes like XMLObject,
that have leaked into the Scout codebase. So jus the way you do not want any dependency on
juddi, I do not want dependencies on XMLBeans.  So for a common ground, we eliminate all dependencies
- juddi as well xml beans.  We had introduced a dependency on either juddi or xmlbeans just
for the datatypes (which do not change over time). That is why I want to bring in uddi datatypes
as Scout classes (and what will be the fastest way to achieve this - bring the classes from
the juddi project directly into Scout).

> You can clearly see the introduction of xmlbeans library dependence in 
> Scout: *
> *
> Scout is anyway required to carry the uddi types. So we may as well have 
> it borrowed from the juddi project.  As per the additional juddi stuff 
> that gets pulled into Scout, it is still fine because we remove the 
> dependence on both juddi and xmlbeans.  As we move forward, we can 
> remove the additional baggage.

All this started because we can't have these juddi dependencies loaded by our 
AppServers classloaders.

What kind of dependencies will be introduced by incorporating the juddi types?

And can you please explain "Scout is anyway required to carry the uddi types"?
What XMLBeans was replacing AFAIK were for internal use only, isn't it?

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