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From Anil Saldhana <>
Subject Re: Proposed plan for commit of juddi decoupling + ebxml support
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 22:29:25 GMT
  1) Decoupling juddi -  I think u can go ahead.
  2) Bringing in ebxml support. Can we have a seperate branch for it so  that the trunk works
off of juddi?  Also, you can do the packaging  as follows:**
  Do it in a branch, please.. 
  There is one ticket item (asynchronous support) before we can make a Scout 1.0 release.


Deepak Bhole <> wrote:  Hi,

Now that I have commit access, I plan to commit my previous two patches
into the repository. Relevant messages are here:


The former is a patch that removes juddi dependency from scout. 

The latter, adds ebxml support.

The issue is that the ebxml changes are extensive. They change ALL
package names in scout (previously, everything was under* . However, ebxml code is different, which required
separation into* (everything from*)

Commit of the first patch won't break anything (hopefully :)). However,
once the second one is in, other applications that use scout classes
directly, will have to be updated to use the newer structure.

I was thinking of tagging the repository after the first patch is
committed (suggestions for tag name are welcome), after which I would
upload the second set of changes. If there are any
objections/suggestions on better ways to handle this, please let me


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