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From "Camara Melgosa, Javier" <>
Subject Status of Scout
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 16:51:25 GMT
Hi. I am looking for an implementation of JAXR that works with Axis. So I
have tried Scout.
But it is seeming to me that the status of Scout is not much stable. First,
I did not find any link in
<>  to download the source or the released code.
Thus I found in Google the URL
<> , and used it to
download the source. I hope it is the last version; dates seem to be recent.
I had no Maven or was willing to install it, so I manually created a
build.xml and build a scout.jar against jUDDI 0.9rc4 . Then, by using this
build with a very simple example that just invokes
BusinessQueryManager.findOrganizations(), I just found what seem to be two
bugs (see
<>  and
<>  ). By the way, the example
works just fine with the JAXR Reference Implementation from Sun JWSDP 1.6 .
Also, the mailing list of Scout linked from
<> ) seems to be
a common one for several Apache Web Service "Special Effects" ("FX")
projects (e.g. Sandesha and Kandula), in which a search for "scout" returns
no messages except for a collateral one.
All of this makes me to wonder about the current stability of Scout. On the
other hand, JBoss has announced support for JAXR using Scout, which is said
to pass J2EE 1.4 TCK . So are my bugs wrong? Is my version wrong? Is the TCK
The bottom line is: what will you use now for accessing a UDDI repository?
Scout, patching any bug found in the process? Sun JWSDP JAXR RI? Will this
one run on Apache (I will try)? UDDI4j? I think the JAXR IBM provider (which
runs on UDDI4j) is not open or free...
Javier Cámara ( <> )
Software Architect, Software AG España, S.A.
Ronda de la Luna, 22; 28760 Tres Cantos (Spain)
+34 91 807 9400, fax +34 91 807 9447

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