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From Anil Saldhana <>
Subject Re: Scout and jUDDI
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 15:14:12 GMT
The goal for Scout is to be Level 0 Jaxr compliant.
Lets get that to work satisfactorily.  For that to
happen, users have to use it in production.

I do not see any immediate need for Apache Scout to be
Level 1 compliant (read ebxml compliance). There is an
open source implementation of ebxml (ebxmlrr) that
provides JAXR capabilities also.

We will propose Level 1 work in Scout when there are
users asking for it.

Scout/jUDDI combo passes the J2EE 1.4 TCK (JAXR
Tests). This has been confirmed by seperate tests from
Apache and JBoss.

Steve,  I did not get your point about jUDDI does not
intend to support ebxml (apples and oranges.  ;)  )  I
presume you were talking about the juddi proxy.

--- Steve Viens <> wrote:

> Initially we developed Scout on top of jUDDI in
> order to quickly produce a 
> type 0 JAXR provider. Type 0 (zero) providers
> support accessing UDDI 
> registries only. The goal however is for Scout to
> become a type 1 provider 
> which would include support for both UDDI and ebXML
> registries. 
>  As you would probably expect, there are no plans
> for jUDDI to support 
> ebXML. If a move to an XMLBeans would enable Scout
> to support both UDDI and 
> ebXML (a type 1 provider) then I'm in favor of a
> move to XMLBeans and 
> eliminating Scout's dependency on jUDDI.
>  Steve 

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