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From "Robert Sauer" <>
Subject JDK 1.3 problem
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 14:15:37 GMT
Hi all,

while embedding Scout I found a small issue regarding Scout JDK 1.3
compatibility in JAXRException.
I would happily contribute a patch fixing this, because after a short code
inspection it looks like not depending on JDK 1.4 chained exceptions was a
goal originally.

Additionally I would like to propose a patch in the area of retrieving
organization and services from a registry. At first we obtained a NPE if no
services were registered for a business (starting at line 172). After fixing
this, we missed binding details for services (patching from line 267).
The problem here is, that I don't know if both fixes correct in a semantic
way, i.e. towards spec compliance. Anyways, I'm pretty sure someone on this
list will know in an instant.

Best regards,

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