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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Plans?
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2004 15:26:00 GMT
Steve Viens wrote:
> Anil, Dims, Jeremy,
> I'm having some trouble committing to the Scout Subversion repository.
> The change I'm making is minor. I've removed an unused import from one
> class and was committing mostly to verify that I could commit
> successfully.
> I'm new to Subversion so I may just have it set up in Eclipse
> incorrectly (I'm accessing via the Subclipse plugin).  I'm using the
> following URL:
> Should I be using something like this instead?
> It didn't seem to work for me last night. I got a "Server Certificate
> Verification Failed: Issuer not trusted ("

The http: URL is read-only, to commit you need to use the https: one.

IIRC Apache is using a self-signed cert so Eclipse is right in saying 
the issuer is not trusted. The command line prompts to ask whether you 
want to trust the cert anyway and then remembers (it also remembers 
username and password); I would hope there's a way for Eclipse to do 
that too.

It maybe that Eclipse is relying on svn already being setup; I would 
suggest trying first with the command line.

I would also say that svn is MUCH easier to use from the command line 
that CVS was; with CVS I always used WinCVS or IdeaJ's integration 
whereas with svn I find myself using the command line most of the time.


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