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From Saliya Ekanayake <>
Subject Re: Performance Comparison
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 12:19:55 GMT
Just a note on Axiom based implementation of Rampart. As Ruchith have
pointed out the implementation is fairly supports the majority of use cases.
Obviously, it may need refinements, but a working implementation of XML-C14N
to SOAP security is there in this. An earlier version of Axiom based C14N is
there in the Axiom code at the moment.

Thank you,

On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 6:57 AM, Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:

> Andreas Veithen wrote:
>> On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 07:02, Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:
>>  ...
>>> So rather than an incremental build-on-demand model, I think an approach
>>> which just flipped DOM on or off at the message level would work just as
>>> well for web services. On the inbound side, if a SOAP Header is present
>>> you'd just always build a DOM representation of the Header part so it can
>>> be
>>> passed to handlers in an easily-manipulated form. If any of the handlers
>>> request the content of the SOAP Body you'd then build that as a DOM and
>>> pass
>>> it in. Outbound side is pretty much the same, with the data only
>>> requested
>>> from the data binding if needed to build the DOM and otherwise streamed
>>> directly to the output. Using this approach there's no need to build the
>>> DOM
>>> incrementally, other than at this very granular Header/Body level, so all
>>> that's required is a simple and high-performance DOM (or DOM subset) with
>>> just enough built-in smarts to recognize the Body expansion part, along
>>> with
>>> a StAX reader which takes a DOM as input.
>> Sounds pretty much like CXF...
> From what I've seen CXF always builds the DOM representation of the entire
> message and passes it to WSS4J anytime WS-Security is configured, just as
> Axis2 does (though Dan did add a check to disable response message
> WS-Security handling if only UsernameToken is used). The approach I'm
> suggesting would only build a DOM representation of the Body if the security
> handling actually signed or encrypted the Body (or any part of it).
>  - Dennis

Saliya Ekanayake

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