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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject SOAP/UDP + WS-Addressing
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 19:39:45 GMT

I made some progress with the SOAP/UDP scenario that uses an UDP
endpoint configured at the transport level (and thus WS-Addressing for
dispatching). Here is what works:

* In this scenario, the generated WSDLs for the transports exposed
over UDP now have bindings with EPRs in the form

* WS-Addressing based dispatching works, as shown by the following logs:

[DEBUG] [MessageContext:
logID=urn:uuid:043604c8-190b-414e-bea0-6d4c22ad3820] Invoking Handler
'AddressingBasedDispatcher' in Phase 'Addressing'
[DEBUG] [MessageContext:
logID=urn:uuid:043604c8-190b-414e-bea0-6d4c22ad3820] Checking for
Service using target endpoint address :
[DEBUG] org.apache.axis2.i18n.resource::handleGetObject(servicefound)
[DEBUG] [MessageContext:
logID=urn:uuid:043604c8-190b-414e-bea0-6d4c22ad3820] Found AxisService
: Version

There is one thing that is not yet working correctly, but that is not
related to WS-Addressing. I'm trying to use the "nc" utility to send
the message and get the response. That doesn't work: I'm not seeing
the response. I think that is because normally (although not strictly
required), when replying to a UDP packet, the source and destination
addresses/ports in the response should simply be switched with respect
to the request. E.g. if the client sends from port 2222 to 3333, then
the response should be sent from 3333 to 2222. I think the UDP sender
currently uses a new source address allocated by the OS in that case.
That works for some clients (in particular the UDP transport itself),
but not for all. It would also cause troubles if there is a firewall
between client and server, because the firewall wouldn't be able to
correlate the response packet to an existing UDP "connection".


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