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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: Performance Comparison
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 21:37:51 GMT
On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 09:12, Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:
> Yes, I think it'd make much more sense to base a build-on-demand document
> model on the DOM API than to try to modify all the WSS4J and related code to
> use Axiom. Especially since Axiom is a mess and has had performance issues
> from the beginning (including using way too much memory as the model is
> expanded).

Each of the two approaches (porting WSS4J to Axiom / building a new
optimized Axiom+DOM implementation) have their pros and cons and I
think there is enough room for the two. They could even be
complementary provided that the new Axiom+DOM implementation has a
lower memory footprint and better performance.

> As a radical suggestion, how about just implementing a build-on-demand DOM
> subset suitable for use by WSS4J and other tools? This wouldn't need to
> support all the DOM operations (including those using NodeList).

That part is actually almost ready [1] (with more than just a subset
suitable for WSS4J). However, to work with Axis2 we have no other
choice than to support the Axiom API as well, at least the object
model part of it (while getting rid of what you called the "mess").


> Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> The "normal" way to traverse a DOM doesn't use the NodeList thing.   The
>> NodeList stuff isn't even threadsafe in Xerces.
> Actually, *no* access operations are threadsafe in Xerces. As far as I'm
> concerned that's a really bad design for general purpose use, ironically
> going back to the deferred node expansion feature that Xerces has on by
> default. It's always irked me that I have to use a synchronization lock
> around read-only operations with a (Xerces) DOM.
> That said, any form of build-on-demand document model is probably not going
> to be threadsafe. But for our purposes in using it with web services there's
> not much need for threadsafety.
>  - Dennis
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