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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: Performance Comparison
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 02:05:16 GMT
Daniel Kulp wrote:
> On Monday 03 May 2010 6:57:54 am Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
> ...
>>  From what I've seen CXF always builds the DOM representation of the
>> entire message and passes it to WSS4J anytime WS-Security is configured,
>> just as Axis2 does (though Dan did add a check to disable response
>> message WS-Security handling if only UsernameToken is used). The
>> approach I'm suggesting would only build a DOM representation of the
>> Body if the security handling actually signed or encrypted the Body (or
>> any part of it).
> I've thought of trying something similar to this by utilizing some sort of 
> callback mechanism from WSS4J for finding the appropriate Element for a 
> particular wsu:Id.   
> The problem is that you cannot really 100% reliably figure out if we need the 
> body or not from the policy, especially on server side where there could be 
> different policies depending on the operation which we wouldn't know until a 
> bit later.  
> Thus, I'd like to be able to add something to WSS4J that it could use to find 
> elements when there is a ref rather than always using an xpath search.   There 
> could be something more optimized put in place (like a simple String -> 
> Element map for those elements already parsed) that could avoid the xpaths and 
> such.   However, it could also allow some delayed loading of the Body.

The nice thing about using a slightly-hacked and simplified DOM is that 
everything would be automatic - as it is with Axiom now, but with 
considerably less memory and processor overhead (because this approach 
would *only* defer building the DOM representation of the Body content, 
and would build the entire Body content as a DOM whenever anything 
within the Body was accessed - a lot of the memory and processor 
overhead of Axiom relates to the incremental one-element-at-a-time build 
process). And because it'd still implement the DOM interface (or at 
least a subset suitable for use by WSS4J) applications using WSS4J could 
choose to use this or continue to use any other DOM they want.

  - Dennis

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