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From "Manjula Peiris (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Created: (SANDESHA2C-57) rm service crashes for rm 1.1 .net oneway annonymous requests
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:11:44 GMT
rm service crashes for rm 1.1 .net oneway annonymous requests

                 Key: SANDESHA2C-57
             Project: Sandesha2/C
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Manjula Peiris

This happens after the last message. Following is the back trace.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1212777584 (LWP 21124)]
0xb7eaf96c in axutil_strlen (s=0x63303663 <Address 0x63303663 out of bounds>) at string.c:522
522             return (axis2_ssize_t)strlen(s);
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7eaf96c in axutil_strlen (s=0x63303663 <Address 0x63303663 out of bounds>) at
#1  0xb7eaedf7 in axutil_string_create (env=0x80f8510, str=0x63303663 <Address 0x63303663
out of bounds>) at string.c:66
#2  0xb7ef634b in axiom_namespace_create (env=0x80f8510, uri=0x63303663 <Address 0x63303663
out of bounds>, prefix=0xb7c393ac "wsrm")
    at om_namespace.c:65
#3  0xb7c1f8c8 in sandesha2_close_seq_res_to_om_node (close_seq_res=0x80f7d38, env=0x80f8510,
om_node=0x80f2120) at close_seq_res.c:152
#4  0xb7c1f934 in sandesha2_close_seq_res_to_om_node (close_seq_res=0x80f7e00, env=0x80f8510,
om_node=0x80f68f0) at close_seq_res.c:165
#5  0xb7c1f934 in sandesha2_close_seq_res_to_om_node (close_seq_res=0x80f7df0, env=0x80f8510,
om_node=0x80f8090) at close_seq_res.c:165
#6  0xb7c1fab6 in sandesha2_close_seq_res_to_soap_envelope (close_seq_res=0x80f7df0, env=0x80f8510,
    at close_seq_res.c:216
#7  0xb7b82c1b in sandesha2_msg_ctx_add_soap_envelope (rm_msg_ctx=0x80f7d68, env=0x80f8510)
at sandesha2_msg_ctx.c:223
#8  0xb7c13ee1 in sandesha2_msg_creator_create_close_seq_res_msg (env=0x80f8510, close_seq_msg=0x80eda88,
    seq_prop_mgr=0x80f7cf0) at msg_creator.c:544
#9  0xb7b93ecb in sandesha2_close_seq_msg_processor_process_in_msg (msg_processor=0x80ee018,
env=0x80f8510, rm_msg_ctx=0x80eda88)
    at close_seq_msg_processor.c:221
#10 0xb7b97aff in sandesha2_msg_processor_process_in_msg (msg_processor=0x80ee018, env=0x80f8510,
    at msg_processor_creator.c:97
#11 0xb7b84d16 in sandesha2_in_handler_invoke (handler=0x80a5bd8, env=0x80f8510, msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0)
at sandesha2_in_handler.c:244
#12 0xb7e2a32b in axis2_handler_invoke (handler=0x80a5bd8, env=0x80f8510, msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0)
at handler.c:91
#13 0xb7e2eca8 in axis2_phase_invoke (phase=0x80a5ce8, env=0x80f8510, msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0) at
#14 0xb7e365f0 in axis2_engine_invoke_phases (engine=0x80eff40, env=0x80f8510, phases=0x80a5d30,
msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0) at engine.c:691
#15 0xb7e35723 in axis2_engine_receive (engine=0x80eff40, env=0x80f8510, msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0)
at engine.c:272
#16 0xb7e989b3 in axis2_http_transport_utils_process_http_post_request (env=0x80f8510, msg_ctx=0x80ee6e0,
    out_stream=0x80f3f60, content_type=0x80f0bf8 "application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8", content_length=784,
    request_uri=0x80efc10 "") at http_transport_utils.c:699
#17 0xb7e945f9 in axis2_http_worker_process_request (http_worker=0x80e8da0, env=0x80f8510,
svr_conn=0x80f0c48, simple_request=0x80f17f8)
    at http_worker.c:911
#18 0xb7def6c9 in axis2_svr_thread_worker_func (thd=0x80f0870, data=0x80f4270) at http_svr_thread.c:259
#19 0xb7ec25c1 in dummy_worker (opaque=0x80f0870) at thread_unix.c:93
#20 0xb7da746b in start_thread () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
#21 0xb7d116de in clone () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/

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