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From Jerome Camilleri <>
Subject Possible leak of memory using Sandesha 1.2 with Axis 1.2 on the server side
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 08:46:57 GMT

My application use Axis2 1.2 to send WebService with MTOM  attachement 
(MEP IN-OUT  with synchronous call).
I had tested my application without fiability and the memory used by 
catalina during 12 hours seems constant.

But when I engaged Sandesha2 1.2, the memory used by tomcat grows regulary.
If I use some profiler I see that the class 
used an HashMap to save the transaction without (it seems) release 
it...  (number of byte[] instances growth) ?

Because I find into the Sandesha code that the traitement to remove this 
transaction is different if we used 1.0 or 1.1 RM SPEC I try with this 
two client configurations but without improvement ;(

Someone  have an idea about this problem ? (see my garbage collector 
activity on the catalina server memory : memory used initially  21748K; 
after 237 sequences of 3 messages :  74395K)



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