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From Matthew Lovett <>
Subject RM message processing
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 15:51:36 GMT
Hi all,

I've been taking a look at the way that (java) sandesha2 processes the RM 
protocol messages. Essentially, all the processing is done by the handlers 
(indirectly, via the msgprocessor classes). That wasn't quite how I 
expected it to be: in an ideal world I'd expect the handlers to process 
header elements (Sequence, Ack, and AckRequest) and a MessageReceiver 
should be dealing with the RM bodies (CreateSequence & response, 
CloseSequence & response, TerminateSequence & response).

The reasons why I'd expect that are twofold:
- it ensures that soap:mustUnderstand processing can be done on the 
headers before we process the bodies
- it just seems cleaner

I also think that this reorganisation could clean up the codepath in the 
current handlers, and would probably simplify the code. I'm happy to start 
working on the restructure, if people feel that this is the right way to 

Comments? Is this an approach that has been tried before?


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