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From "Chamikara Jayalath" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Reliable Notification
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 11:21:31 GMT
Hi Eric,

Please see my comments below.

On 7/12/06, Eric Winter <> wrote:
> Reliable Notification
> I have a pretty simple problem I'd like to solve, but the tool I think
> I should use is not being cooperative.
> I have a client that has to deliver a message to at least one server
> within a reasonable time.
> Based on that requirement I though I should use MEP InOnly and
> Sandesha2 (Reliable Messaging).  The problem is that I need to know
> that the message arrived and I can't seem to get that using Sandesha
> and the InOnly pattern. All I really want from the service is an ACK
> that I can pick up somehow at the client.  Clearly this is part and
> parcel of what Sandesha does... I just want to know about it.

Acknowledgements are handled  inside Sandesha2 and they are not delivered to
the client.  Sandesha2 will retransmit messages until  a ack is received or
till the message sequence times out.

A couple of thoughts came up:
> 1. Manually check via the SequenceReport. (never see anything in the
> Outgoing Sequence Report)

After you your messages get successfully delivered the the server and after
the Sandesha2 client receive acknowledgements you should hv those message
numbers in the outgoing sequence report. Dont you see these values? What are
the velues of the other properties of the Sequence Report (for e.g. Sequece

2. Use a SandeshaListener (callbacks for onError and onTimeout).  I
> tried running client w/ server down. No luck.

This will not help ur scenario. You can only use this to know when your
sequence times out.

3. SandeshaClient.waitUntilSequenceCompleted works but who wants to
> block?  And if it does time out I still want to be notified.

yes. This will only help if blocking is ok.

None of these fullfill the basic requirement: within a reasonable
> about of time, I want to know, at the client, that the message has
> been received at the service.
> FYI I am using the Sandesha2 UserguideEchoClient client - the code w/ my
> additions are here.
>         clientOptions.setTo(new EndpointReference (toEPR));
>         ServiceClient serviceClient = new ServiceClient
> (configContext,null);
>         clientOptions.setAction("urn:wsrm:Ping");
>         serviceClient.setOptions(clientOptions);
> clientOptions.setProperty(SandeshaClientConstants.SANDESHA_LISTENER,
> new SandeshaListener_Impl());//new
>         clientOptions.setTimeOutInMilliSeconds(1);//trying to cause it
> to timeout, but it doesn't.
>         serviceClient.fireAndForget(getPingOMBlock("ping1"));
>         serviceClient.fireAndForget(getPingOMBlock("ping2"));
>         clientOptions.setProperty(SandeshaClientConstants.LAST_MESSAGE,
> "true");
>         serviceClient.fireAndForget(getPingOMBlock("ping3"));
> SandeshaClient.waitUntilSequenceCompleted(serviceClient,1000*50);//new
>         serviceClient.finalizeInvoke();

My sugestion for you for now is to use the sequence report. May be from a
seperate thread. But a better way will be to have a method in the
SandeshaClient to notify the client when a specific message get successfully
delivered. I'll mark this as a improvement :-)


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