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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [Sandesha2 ] Improving performance
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:34:27 GMT
Chamikara Jayalath wrote:

> Hi All,
> I went through the Sandesha2 code to find out any places we can modify 
> or change to improve the overall performance. I thought following 
> improvements would be useful.
> 1. Caching initialized messages
> Currently MessageInitializer.initialize() methods get called multiple 
> times for the Same message context (for example in Handlers, Invoker, 
> Sender etc ). Everytime this is called the RM object model get built 
> out of the SOAP envelope. But it will be better if we can cache this 
> object model once it is built.

How are you going to chache this? I am interested in figuring out how to 
do that in C, but if you tell me how you plan for Java, that helps.

> 2. removing unnecessary repeated calls to the Storage Manager
> There are times where the same data get obtained from the Storage 
> redundantly. This should be avoided and data should be cached and 
> reused whenever possible.
> 3. Making Sender and Invoker Thread pools
> Currently Sender and Invoker are single threads. This is a bottleneck. 
> These should be made thread pools to concurrently invoke and send 
> messages.
> 4. msgNoPresentInList(String list, long no) method in Application 
> message processor.
> This method is called for every application message. Current 
> implementetion has to be corrected to support a 'long' number of 
> messsage numbers and the implementation has to be optimized.
> 6. correct and optimize 'string to ArrayList' methods
> SandeshaUtil.getArrayListFromString (String str);
> SandeshaUtil.getArrayListFromMsgsString (String str);
> 5. Cleaning code
> This includes remove unnecessary or repeated object creations (which i 
> found in some places :-) ), removing commented code, and adding some 
> more Javadocs, and some refactoring. The basic idea is to improve the 
> readability of the code.
> Do you guys see any other areas that can be modified or changed to 
> improve the performace of the system ?
> Chamikara

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