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From "Jaliya Ekanayake" <>
Subject Re: Sandesha1.0 Performance
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 16:57:32 GMT
Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for raising this issue, there was a default value used in the code 
for RETRANSMISSION interval and I corrected it. Please take a checkout from

In addition if you set
>    <wsrm:BaseRetransmissionInterval Milliseconds="30"/>
>    <wsrm:AcknowledgementInterval Milliseconds="20"/>

values as above then every 30 ms it will send a retransmission and wait for 
only 20 ms for an ack. So if you the link is fairly reliable and you need to 
send a set of messages increase these values to

>    <wsrm:BaseRetransmissionInterval Milliseconds="5000"/>
>    <wsrm:AcknowledgementInterval Milliseconds="1000"/>

In my testing, it takes on average about 150ms for the round trip for the 
echo operation (In tomcat not in SimpleAxisServer).
Remember the processing here is not similar to a simple soap request where 
we don't have extensive header processing.


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From: "Benjamin Schmeling" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 5:21 AM
Subject: Sandesha1.0 Performance

> Hi,
> I wonder why Sandesha1.0 compared with simple Axis calls has extremely 
> high response times. I read a thread about this were you recommended to 
> edit the WSRMPolixy.xml.
> I did this and set:
>    <wsrm:BaseRetransmissionInterval Milliseconds="30"/>
>    <wsrm:AcknowledgementInterval Milliseconds="20"/>
> This results in no significant performance improvement.
> Sandesha needs at least 5 messages according to the RM-Specification 
> (CreateSeq, CreateSeqRes, SequenceMsg, Acknowledgment, Terminate). This 
> would result in a 5 times higher response time. If I use a two-way call 
> this would be increase to 10 (because of the additional sequence for the 
> response message).
> Additionally there is the delay of looking for messages in the queue.
> A simple Axis call on my system needs approx. 6-8 ms. When I call the same 
> service by using Sandesha it needs 4000-5000ms (I would expect something 
> between 150-200ms). From what does this high response time result?.
> Thanks,
> Benjamin
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