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From Chamikara Jayalath <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] A persistence module for Axis2
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 02:30:31 GMT
Hi Don,

This is nice. We were planning to develop a similar functionality for the RM
Module. If you develop this module we can certainly use it.

Some points,

Axis2 has a context hierarchy. So messages coming in and going out of the
system will have some properties saved in those as well. So you may have to
persist some information in other contexts as well (to make sure that the
message could be affectively reused later). But initially we can start by
saving only the message context.

When security module is engaged, it will be the first to eccept incoming
requests and verify them. So make sure that the persistent handlers of your
module are placed after that. If you try to  persist before the security
handlers , that may pave the way for a DOS attack.

My personal view is that this functionality should be a part of the core
axis2 distribution. So that not only RM, but other modules also will be able
to use that (e.g. Transaction). So I believe a persistent module should come
with Axis2 (like addressing). (But may not be engaged by default.)


On 1/3/06, Dong Liu <> wrote:
> Happy new year, folks.
> I am planning to develop a module for persistence the messages and
> messaging contexts in and out axis2. I wonder if there is already such
> efforts that have been made, or some good reference that I can turn
> to.  Or any suggestions?
> Thank you,
> Don

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