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From IVO <>
Subject Re: Oneway ws and reliability
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 19:50:48 GMT
  i have a project that requires the use of either a message broker or web services.
  HINT: Intend to transfer all daily sales of burger king stores to  headquarter. this implies
an average of 2000 stores connect to  headquarter with 2hours window of transaction. also
the possibility of  burger-king headquarter to broadcast price changes to all stores. With
 message brokers this is possible like JMS or propriatory ones using  publishing and subscription.

  Have made studies on WS-RM, WS-Security, WS-Conversation, WS-Callback,  and WS-Policy and
thought web services with their interop.. they are  better than JMS and other MOM. I have
had a look on Sandesha as regards  to WS-RM. It was quite interesting. My qeuestions after
reading this  mail of using sequences in talking to three WS:
  1. Having the same messages for web service A, B, and C is there a  means to braodcast the
messages without any interation in application  level but by simply listing the endpoints?
  2. Has Sandesha some implementations of load balance? BEA uses Buffers. Say 2000 stores
all talk simultaneously to one WS.
  3. Has Sandesha in built tools for monitoring the flow of information  at transport level
or do i have define my handlers for that?
  4. What about WS-Conversation and Callback?

Benjamin Schmeling <> wrote:  Hi,

imagine the scenario, described in the reliable messaging specification. 
Now lets assume the webservices are all oneway and the second message 
goes to a third endpoint. I know the specification supports only two 
endpoints, but is there a possibility to do the following:

1.) call webservice A (at http:/
2.) call webservice B (at http:/
3.) call webservice C (at http:/

I could do this with 3 separate sequences. At every end of one sequence 
endSequence() is called in Sandesha. Can I make the conclusion that 
after calling endSequence() the message to all webservices in the 
sequence are already successfully delivered?

For example:
    new SandeshaContext()
        call webservice A (at http:/
   // /message to A has been delivered already at this point of code?/
    new SandeshaContext()
        call webservice B (at http:/



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