Hi All,

We have been working on Sandesha2 implementation (Sandesha for Axis2) over the past few weeks. We are happy to say that the Server part of the implementation is almost complete. We have uploaded a TODO list on http://wiki.apache.org/ws/FrontPage/ws-sandesha/sandesha2/TODO

Sandesha2 is a brand new implementation for WSRM and has a new architecture. With Sandesha2 we hope to support features like permanent storage, to support true reliability. Please download the code from our SVN codebase https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/webservices/sandesha/trunk and have a look. You can test the server with Sandesha1 client for ping and echo cases. Sandesha2 comes with a Sample interop service which you can use for testing.

Please send us any bugs and probable improvements you find. (specially in the parts we have mentioned as DONE). Your comments will be really valuable for a successful and powerful WSRM implementation for Axis2.
Also from now on lets use the prefix [Sandesha2] for mails related to the Sandesha2 implementation.