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From Chamikara Jayalath <>
Subject [Sandesha2] Changes to the permanent storage model
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 16:15:18 GMT
Hi All,

Current model of Sandesha2 aims to fascilitate true reliability (persistance
based) by using the Context hierarchy serialization fascility provided by
Axis2. Sandesh2 saves its tables in the configuration context.

But, as Paul pointed out today, there is a defect in this design. This is
because we cannot maitain a transaction that combine several store
operations. So if something goes wrong in the middle of two storage
operations we won't be able to do much about this when the system restart.

So it seems that we will have to move to a database based model
(architecture of the current implementation fascilitates this). We will have
to design transactions carefully to make sure that the related sets of
storage operations are done as a atomic unit.

Thoughts ???


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