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From Chamikara Jayalath <>
Subject Re: Changing Sandesha client port - programmatically
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:44:57 GMT
Hi Rajiv,
This was a bug and I fixed it. Now u can set the client side listner port as 
given below,
SandeshaContext ctx = new SandeshaContext(new Integer(9091));

(could't go for constructor SaneshaContext(int) since there already was 
one:-) ).
Please get the latest source code from

On 8/30/05, Rajiv K Nistala <> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am using Sandesha to invoke a the RM sample provided. I realise, that 
> there is a client listener port that is set which defaults to 9090. This I 
> know can be edited from the file. But If I have to run 
> multiple instances of the sandesha client on the same machine, won't this 
> create a problem for me as all will be using 9090? Thus I was thinking 
> whether it is possible to programmatically change the client listener port 
> (if I can capture that as a command line argument). I saw that everything 
> related to that is private in the SandeshaContext and PropertyLoader 
> classes. Any suggestions if this is possible?
> Also since file is within the jar file, I can't even 
> overwrite the file. Please help. 
> Regards, 
> Rajiv K Nistala 

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