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Subject svn commit: r226885 - in /webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs: dev_guide/home.xml release_notes.xml
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 21:11:06 GMT
Author: jruzzi
Date: Mon Aug  1 14:11:03 2005
New Revision: 226885

updated content


Modified: webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/dev_guide/home.xml
--- webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/dev_guide/home.xml (original)
+++ webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/dev_guide/home.xml Mon Aug  1 14:11:03
@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@
 			<source>public class FileSystemHome
         extends AbstractResourceHome
         implements Serializable</source>
+        <note>Many of the operations in the <code>AbstractResourceHome</code>
may be overridden in your Home
+            		class, if you have a need to extend its functionality.</note>
 		<section id="ops">
@@ -38,9 +40,16 @@
         add( createInstance( LVOL1_ID ) );
         add( createInstance( LVOL2_ID ) );
-    }</source>
-			<note>Many of the operations in the <code>AbstractResourceHome</code>
may be overridden in your Home
-            		class, if you have a need to extend its functionality.</note>
+    }</source>	
+		<p>The <code>createInstance()</code> method:</p>
+			<ul>
+				<li>Creates an instance of the resource.</li>
+				<li>Sets an endpoint reference on the resource.</li>
+				<li>Calls <code>init()</code> on the resource.</li>
+			</ul>
+			<note>If you choose to not use the <code>createInstance()</code> method
(e.g. if you have a non-empty constructor), then you must manually set the EPR then call 
+			the <code>init()</code> method on the resource. The generated home class contains
a utility method from the <code>AbstractResourceHome</code> that can be used 
+			to build an EPR.</note>

Modified: webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml
--- webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml (original)
+++ webservices/pubscribe/trunk/src/site/content/xdocs/release_notes.xml Mon Aug  1 14:11:03
@@ -2,22 +2,53 @@
 <!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V2.0//EN" "">
-		<title>Pubscribe Release Notes</title>
+		<title>Apache Pubscribe Release Notes</title>
-		<section>
+		<note>If you have any services created prior to this release, it is strongly suggested
that you regenerate the services (including XmlBeans-generated types) to a 
+		clean directory and manually port any added code to the newly generated files. This will
avoid any problems associated with the changes in this release.</note>
+		<section>				
 			<title>Change History</title>
 			<p>Changes since the 1.0 Beta release:</p>
-				<li>New and improved documentation including a Getting Started section and Developer
-				<li>Updated Tutorial.</li>
+				<li>Removed the <code>getInstance(..)</code> method from the generated
Home classes. The init() method should be used for initializing Resources at startup. 
+				See method call/comment in the generated <code></code> file.</li>
+				<li>Added the generation of an Abstract...Home class which maintains the static
Resource map specific to a Home. This was necessary to ensure each Home type 
+				maintains its cache across all instances.</li>
+				<li>Added <code>getNamespaceVersionHolder</code> method to the generated
Home class. This returns the previously generated member variable.</li>
+				<li>Removed the<code> ResourceKey</code> interface. The <code>AbstractResourceHome.find(..)</code>
method now takes an Object so that simple types 
+				like Strings may easily be used for lookups.</li>
+				<li>Changed the behavior of the<code> AbstractResourceHome.add(..)</code>
and <code>AbstractResourceHome.createInstance(..)</code> method to determine 
+				if a Resource's EndpointReference (EPR) has been set, if it is <code>null</code>
the EPR is generated and set on the Resource instance. This allows the 
+				implementor the opportunity to set the EPR themselves in the <code>Home.init(..)</code>
method or let the <code>createInstance/add(..)</code> methods do it for 
+				them.</li>
+				<li>Added extra parameter to the <code>jndi-config.xml</code> file
called <code>baseWebAppUrl</code> which by default is generated with the value
+				<code>http://$IP_ADDRESS$:8080/pubscribe</code> (or wsrf or muse). The parameter
is used at runtime for building EPR's for a Resource. This URL may be 
+				modified to explicitly set a static IP address or host name, else you may replace <code>$IP_ADDRESS$</code>
with <code>$HOST_NAME$</code> in which case 
+				the host name will be determined at runtime.</li>
+				<li>Changed the <code>jndi-config.xml resourceKeyName</code> parameter
name to <code>resourceIdentifierReferenceParameterName</code> for better 
+				clarity.</li>
+				<li>Updated the schema for the <code>jndi-config.xml</code> for the
metadata elements to make them more consistent.</li>
+				<li>Regenerated all XmlBeans-generated artifacts for the XmlBeans 2.0 release.
This was necessary due to changes in their generated artifacts. <strong>Please 
+				regenerate any of your own XmlBeans-generated types</strong>.</li>
+				<li>Add Documentation: Enhanced Javadocs, Installation, Quick Demo, Tutorial, and
Developers Guide.</li>
+				<li>Added a <code>ServletContextListener</code> implementation for
initializing JNDI at startup. The original method of initializing JNDI was via an extension
+				<code>AxisServlet</code> which is now unnecessary.</li>
+				<li>Removed the <code>TopicUtils.initNotificationProducerProperties()</code>
method and its generated method call from Resources which implement the 
+				<code>NotificationProducer</code> portType.  The resource properties: <code>Topic</code>,
+				<code>TopicExpressionDialects</code> are now handled via a callback object
which is registered in the generated <code>Abstract...Resource.init()</code> 
+				method. This allows for the properties to be more dynamic as the implementor adds and
removes Topics.</li>
+			<p/>
 			<title>Known Issues</title>
-			<ul>
-				<li>TODO</li>
-			</ul>
+			<p>There are currently no issues reported with this release. Please submit all issues
to the Apache Pubscribe project in 
+			<a href="">Apache JIRA</a>. If
you are not sure whether something is a bug, post a question on the Pubscribe 
+			<a href="contact_info.html">mailing list</a>.
+			</p>

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