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From "Vinh Nguyen \(vinguye2\)" <>
Subject RE: extending wsn-consumer with other webservice methods
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 04:35:32 GMT
Yes, what you want to achieve is possible and not difficult to do at
all.  There are two general designs:

1) Create a client app which acts as a simple stand-alone broker (as the
Muse samples show).  The client calls the producer resource, and
subscribes another resource as the consumer.  The client app itself
doesn't have to reside on a server at all.

2) Combine both your client code and consumer resource into a single
server application.  Put your client code into a custom capability and
attach it to your consumer resource.  When you invoke this capability
operation, it would then contact the remote producer and subscribe the
consumer for notifications.  Just make sure your consumer app includes
the necessary client jars.  You will also have to create a custom wsdl
that imports the operations of WS-BaseNotification-1_3.wsdl, and add
your custom operation to your wsdl (i.e. like the wsn-producer sample
wsdl, which also imports operations it needs from the

In general, you can do anything you want in a capability.  The Muse
samples just happen to separate the client code into a separate app.
Remember, in web services, a server application can also be a client
itself.  Not only does it receive requests from other web apps, but it
can also send requests to other apps.  How much client behavior you want
your server app to have...depends on your design requirements.

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From: crichmond [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: extending wsn-consumer with other webservice methods

So let me ask you this...using the sample it possible
to build a regular web services remote client that does the subscribe
and publish actions that the WsnTestClient does..only remotely via web
service call rather than using the programming model like the sample
does.  It seems to me that generating subscriptions from a remote system
and publishing messages from remote systems is a common scenario, but I
can't figure out how that fits into the sample..being that the samples
have that test client
that runs on the local server using the api callss.   Is there a sample
doing what the WsnTestClient does only using remote webservice calls
from a custom client rather than the object model.


Saurabh Dravid wrote:
> Hi,
> wsn-consumer sample specifies "NotificationConsumer" port type for 
> muse resource in "WS-BaseNotification-1_3.wsdl" file.
> If you want to extend this sample by exposing more operations to 
> client then you have to modify this wsdl file and include your 
> operation definition in the same port type. So you have to add two 
> wsdl operations "subscribe" and "getMessages" in 
> "NotificationConsumer" port type. You needed to modify the 
> "wsa:action" attribute for these two new operations, and finally if 
> you are using Axis-2 as your soap engine then you needed to modify 
> "services.xml" and include this "wsa:action" uri in that services
> thanks
> With best regards,
> Saurabh Dravid,
> Staff Software Engineer - Autonomic Computing, India Software Lab, IBM

> Software Group Embassy Golf Links, 'B' Block, 4th Floor, Bangalore
> Phone: +91-80-51055494, e-mail: About India 
> Software Lab
> crichmond <>
> 26/09/2007 03:42
> Please respond to
> To
> cc
> Subject
> extending wsn-consumer with other webservice methods
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble determining how to go about extending the 
> wsn-consumer sample.
> I have built, deployed, and tested the wsn-consumer, producer, and 
> test client no problem but I want to do a small proof of concept which

> adds additional methods to the wsn-consumer webservice that are 
> accessible to a small demo desktop application.
> Essentially I want to modify the wsn-consumer to add things like 
> subscribe(), getMessages() etc, so that it can be polled by desktop 
> applications and act as a subscriber proxy for those applications.  I 
> know that in theory I could be using PullPoint implementation, but 
> baby steps first.
> So essentially I am not sure what wsdl's or xml files i need to modify

> in addition to the sample wsn-consumer 
> classes(ConsumerCapabilityImpl?) to do this(essentially add in 
> standard axis webservice methods that the custom clients can call.  So

> if the client calls subscribe() web service call the consumer will act

> as a proxy and subscribe much the way the sample does, but it will 
> then pool received notifications that can then be retrieved when the 
> clients call a getMessages() of some sort.  Again, this is a simple 
> proof of concept to show how a proxy server that participates in the 
> WS-* standards in MUSE could be built to serv custom applications that

> do not.
> Thanks for any help....
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