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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: Sandesha 2 test case failures.
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:40:01 GMT

A few comments from me as well.

1) Clearly it was a serious oversight on my part not to have merged the 1.5.1
code over to the trunk. :(

2) Aside from simply sharing the MHCM, there is another important change to
the 1.5.1 (and now trunk) code, and that is to clean up, by default, the
previous request for a given client each time sendReceive() is called - this
allows the user to run up to two threads of many requests to the same host
without manually calling cleanup, and without blocking or connection starvation.

3) The right solution, IMO, is not to simply go back to creating a new
MHCM/HTTPClient for each request - the old code had resource leakage issues
even when you switched on all the switches that people put in trying to fix
problems prior to 1.5.1, which is why the CLOSE_WAIT issues kept being
reopened.  Resource leakage / failing to close connections correctly is a
bug, plain and simple.

4) The current code certainly isn't ideal, and we should figure out how to
make it cleaner/easier/better for 1.6.  I opened up a specific thread for
this topic: - can we continue the
discussion there?


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