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From Dasarath Weeratunge <>
Subject Re: Kandula1
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2007 21:49:00 GMT
Quoting Hannes Erven <>:

The problem here to my understanding is that when Kandula tries to register 
with the JBoss coordinator, it does not send back the reference parameters in 
the JBoss EPR as header elements. From what I was able to trace in the source 
code it seems its the ws-addressing handler that copies reference properties 
from epr to header on outgoing requests. All that Kandula seems to be doing is 
initiate the register message using the EPR extracted from the coordination 
context and it does not seem to look at the contents of that EPR. On the 
other hand the issue you highlighted happens when there is an incoming request. 
For this we need not worry about reference properties or parameters used by 
other parties.

Best regards and wish all a happy new year!

-- Dasarath

> Hi folks,
> Dasarath Weeratunge wrote:
>  >
> > However, I do not
> > know whether ws-addressing implementation extracts reference parameters in
> the
> > first place.
> as far as I know WS-Addr extracts only those parameters whose QNames 
> have been configured in the server-config.wsdd file.
> For example, for WS-BA support, we had to add the InitiatorRef element 
> to the enumeration for Kandula to see it:
> client-config.wsdd, /deployment/globalConfiguration/requestFlow:
> <handler 
> type="java:org.apache.axis.message.addressing.handler.AddressingHandler">
>      <parameter name="referencePropertyNames" 
> value="{}CoordinatorRef, 
> {}ParticipantRef, 
> {}CallbackRef, 
> {}InitiatorRef"/>
> </handler>
> Perhaps it works if you put JBoss' property names in there, but this is 
> kind of ugly. It would be better if Kandula always used the properties 
> and/or elements provided, regardless of this configuration. I'm not sure 
> how easy (or difficult) it would actually be to change this, but I will 
> also look at it.
> In the mean time, best regards aus Wien and merry christmas,
> 	-hannes
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