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From Hannes Erven <>
Subject Re: Help for Kandula 1
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 17:25:07 GMT
Hi Dominik,

a really quick explanation of the config files (actually, they belong to 
Apache Axis so if you are interested in details, the Axis project is a 
good start).

	everything that relates to the AXIS SOAP server
	= inbound web service calls

  	everything that relates to the AXIS SOAP client
	= outbound web service calls

Kandula uses outbound web service calls on all roles, so the 
client-config file needs to be deployed with every Kandula instance.

> 17:11:34,377 ERROR [AddressingHandler] Exception in AddressingHandler
> org.apache.axis.types.URI$MalformedURIException: Cannot initialize URI with empty parameters.

This happens when there is a message without a specified SOAP Action. 
Please check if the invoked service's WSDL sets soap Action URIs, like this:
<wsdl:operation name="test1">

The actual value is not that important, you can safely use 
http://xxx/xxx since it only acts as an identifier. If you need to 
modify the WSDLs, please remember to regenerate client and server stubs.



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