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From "Dobri Kitipov" <>
Subject Kandula2 failure use-cases
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:16:07 GMT
Hi everybody,
I am interested about some failure use cases which can occur into a WS
If some has some information it will be appreciated

The use cases:

1) What will happen if a WS goes down during the 2PC of the WS TX? What
about if it has succeeded to vote prepared?
If, for example, all WS have voted "prepared", finally commit will be
invoked. How the WS that became unavailable in this specific moment will be
treated? Will it receive the SOAP message to commit when it is again up and
running? Or rollback will be invoked after the WS Transaction?

2) Another interesting scenario is when we have the Coordinator service down
during a WS TX? What will happen then?
Let's say we have 2 WS. The WS1 succeeded to commit but just before to
invoke "Commit" to WS2 AtomicTransactionCoordinator fails. What will happen
with the WS TX?

I will make some tests when i find some time top do so and then will post
the results.

Thank you in advance guys!

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