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From Dasarath Weeratunge <>
Subject Re: Kandula_1 ba patch (Functionality improvements)
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 19:51:05 GMT
Quoting Hannes Erven <>:

Done. Thank you very much.


> Hi Dasarath,
> hi all,
> here comes the final chunk for today (tonight...): minor improvements to 
> existing functionality. The diff runs against the same base as does the 
> cosmetic patch, so when applying the second patch there will be some 
> conflicts, but they should be easy to solve. Whenever on one side there 
> is a "this." and on the other isn't, the "this" side is the right one ;-)
> * Mediator: fix getStatus() NullPointerEx when there is no transaction 
> going on by checking this.tx != null before invoking this.tx.getStatus()
> * Cancel timeout timertasks when CallbackRegistry.remove() is called, so 
> no timeouts occur after correct teardowns (CallbackRegistry)
> * TransactionImpl now invokes notifyAll() instead of notify() to make 
> sure all waiting threads will be unlocked
> * Changed the invocation of prefactured SOAP-Errors from static fields 
> to small methods, so the stack trace current when creating the fault may 
> be given out to aid troubleshooters. Without this change, the caller 
> only gets the trace until where the fault is thrown, which may be a very 
> different place than were it is created.
> * Moved constant Participant_REF from ATCoordinator to Coordinator (is 
> reused in WSBA components) and promoted Coordinator from Interface to a 
> class (otherwise one couldn't define these Fault creating methods...)
> Best regards and good night (this time really)
> 	-hannes

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