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From "Kitipov, Dobri" <>
Subject Kandula1 and JTA integration
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 14:00:09 GMT

Hi Dasarath,
I am trying to research how the integration of Kandua1 with JTA is done.
As it is visible from the official web site there is no more
architectural guide. There was some information about that. My
understanding is that it is out-of-date. The BankOne example that is the
closest example to what I am interested in is also not mentioned
anymore? Is this because it is not actuall. When the updated arch guide
will be updated and available? 
Can you provide me with a document that explains how JTA integration is
done? It will be very helpful for me.
My willing is to understand how a WS with a TX behaviour can participate
into WS-TX. Let's say we have a WS with the following business logic
demarcated with a TX:

          javax.transaction.UserTransaction tx = getTransaction();

        catch (NotSupportedException e)
Can you provide me with the concept (example) how to bind
KandulaResource's TX methods (e.g. commit, rollback etc.) with the
one provided by a given transaction manager used in a concrete WS
Method (Atomikos, SimpleJTA etc.)? How the above method code example
could be integrated with WS

I have may be some stupid questions, but my understanding is that
Kandula is designed to mediate b/n WS-TX and a given WS JTA TX? Anyway
can Kandula be used to start a JTA TX into a given WS? I mean as analogy
to EJB-s you can declaratively define the TX behaviour of a business
logic. Say it another way, if WS's business logic is not demarcated with
JTA TX but a KandulaResource is defined does it mean for the given WS
method to be executed into JTA TX? Doing so we can reuse WS that we want
to participate into a TX. Can you clarify the use-cases when Kandula AT
is supposed to be used?

Thank you,


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